Saturday, January 12, 2013


Hey everyone, lets see where to begin lol. I was on a hunt called Thugs Studs & Gentlemen 2013 Hunt, is going from January 7th untill January 21th. In the Hunt some big names of Designers like [AsYLUM], [VM} Vero Modero Fashion, ::Fe Style::, <Lash-Ware>, Rispetto Designs and many many more. (for more infos on the Hunt contact me inworld under JShawn Thirdborn and I hand you the Info Notecard)
As well The Mens Department has open up the doors again for the next round. Go check it out!

Shape: NBP Andy Shape
Skin: BORIS normal #1 *Step inSide*
Pants: [AsYLUM] MESH Sedated Sweats Camo from TS & G Hunt
Shoes: F) Sydney Mesh desert boots ~ Black (Fi* Friday)
Glasses: [SteinWerk] - Aviator Sunglasses
Headphones: 22769 ~ [homme] Headphones Butch Army (The Mens Department)
Face Piercing: [-iPoke-] Set 4 - M/C/NT
Necklace: MG - Necklace - Razor Dog Tags - Etched Flowers and Jewel
Tattoo Body: Letis Tattoo :: Dead Circus :: MM930
Tattoo Stomack #1: [flitink]BADBOI-tattoos*
Tattoo Stomack #2: Belly Stars Tattoo [by Hugh Helendale] ONLY ON MARKETPLACE

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