Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dedicated to James

Hey everyone,
today I dont bring you Fashion (maybe a little bit lol), today I wanna mention someone Special.
His name is James Edward, I met him on Facebook and we became friends, likeing eachothers pics and so lol.
So far I can tell, he is one of those less ppl what are honest, themselfs, dedicated to himself, his friends and family, a huge animal lover *winks to Sieggy* and a true soul. Someone you really wanna have as friend as you can be to 100% sure he will be always there if you need him.
Thanks much for your trust James!
James was letting me go on his private parcel to make a shooting for this blog, thanks alot for the opportunity to come to your Sim and taking some pics, very appreciate it.

Shape: NBP Daniel Shape
Skin: Jhonny M1 Skin (by UNIQUE MEGASTORE)
Eyes: kyxe - Sky Eyes
Hair: MADesigns HAIR ~ MATT ~ Dark Brown
Shirt: NBP Lazy Shirt Light Brown ( Coming Soon)
Pants: NBP Mesh Jeans Light Blue
Necklace: :Fusion: Cord Necklace & Bracelet Set

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