Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mesh Tanks from [exit inc]

Hi everyone,
it`s have been along time. Was in RL busy and had not the chance to blog. But now im here for a special posting for an new young up coming Designer. His name is Neox Viper and do an amazing job with Mesh Clothes. He totaly catched my Style what I actually also love to wear in real.
I gonna show you now 4 of his Mesh Tank Tops I got, btw one of them is a Hunt Item what is in the Menstuff Hunt.

1. [exit inc] MESH TANK TOP "CRASH"           2. [exit inc] MESH TANK TOP DUBSTEP DRUG"

3.[exit inc] MESH TANK TOP "URBAN LIFE"    4. [exit inc] MESH TANK TOP "STARF**KS"
            Offical Menstuff Hunt Item

And here is the taxi to the store.  [exit inc ]
Grab those Tanks i promise you love them!

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