Saturday, June 9, 2012


This StreetStyle Outfit wasnt planed at all, but like you know by yourself one comes to the next. I had started with the trainers as I visit the store of an friend and wanted to see them, so I bought 1 pair of sneakers from N`finitiy and grabbed the sunglasses as well there. An idea camed into my mind and though lets try to find an kickin`Outfit. Went to Balkanik and found the red tee and the light baggy pants. I looked at myself and though "ok J there is something missing, a cap, i need one" by Elygo I found that what I had in mind. And to finish the outfit I choosed the awsome DogTag from the wonderful Jewlery Maker Maxi Gossamer.

Shape: BoyToy Shape - Maverick Design
Skin: *BIRTH* Li Skin (strawtone) Smart
Shirt: Funk You Blk2.0 prod
Glasses: N'FINITY 2 COOL 4 U SUNGLASSES RedTastic Shutters
Shoes: N'Finity Skullz   Snow
Cap: {Elygo} Cap Authentic Astros
DogTag: MG - Necklace - Dog Tags - Flowers Fleur De Lys and Jewels
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo  H903 - Skull Island

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